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Intro to Dance

Our Introductory (Intro) program is a wonderful way to expose young dancers to all of the main forms of dance within one class. Intro Education is based on elementary aspects of the foundations of dance such as positions, body placement, skipping, balance but most of all it is intended to develop and nourish a love of the art of dance in the young child. Our intro program is taught by certified experienced dance instructors with BA Degrees in Dance.  Intro is either a 35 or  45 min class (dependent upon level/age) comprised of tap, ballet and jazz. Our intro classes will perform in the year-end recital dancing one routine either ballet or tap.  Intro students will be required to purchase one costume. Intro students will only perform in one show.


Our Danceworks program is taught by certified experienced dance instructors with BA Degrees in Dance.   Depending on age, Danceworks is a one or one 1/2 hour class comprised of tap,jazz, ballet and hip-hop.  Danceworks education is based on stretches, floor work and basic elements of ballet, tap and jazz. The Danceworks students will perform one or two routines in the year-end recital depending on level and will also have a year-end ballet demonstration at the studio.   They will perform in one show.


Ballet is about expressing the language of ballet as an art form with emphasis on the traditional, academic, technical steps and vocabulary. In Ballet correct placement and carriage of the body is stressed along with the instilling of a good performing spirit in each student. Classical ballet is the foundation of all dance movement and is the most important and most highly recommended subject to be studied. Our ballet program is run by Miss Aimee Biedermann who holds a B.F.A. in fine arts with a major in Ballet. Our Ballet program incorporates many styles of ballet including: RAD, Cecchetti, Russian Balanchine and more contemporary styles such as Twyla Tharp and Judy Rice.


Tap Class is a survey of tap dance techniques from the early soft shoe to advanced contemporary Broadway tap routines. Tap instruction emphasis is on clear tap sounds, rhythm and showmanship. Tap is a dance form full of rhythm and exciting choreography. JDC's Tap showcases are known for it's "clean crisp tappin". Everyone who gives tap a try seems to love it. Our tap classes are very aggressive and challenging and continue to change with the trends in Tap. Our classes incorporate street tap, rhythm tap as well as  rockette style show tap. All styles are studied and incorporated in our outstanding tap choreography.


Jazz technique explores the isolations of head, shoulders, ribs and hips. Jazz incorporates dynamic traveling progressions across the floor from jazz runs to leaps and turns.  The foundation  and technique developed from studying jazz is tremendous. Dancers studying Jazz gain coordination, control and most of all flexibility -all of which are important in achieving the splits, leaps and exciting turn sequences found in jazz choreography.  Jazz at JDC  has many styles from Broadway to street jazz  all are incorporated in our Jazz program. Jazz continues to be  a favorite to the dancer of any age.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop Explores a combination of contemporary dance styles as seen on TV in music videos and in concerts by many famous recording artists and groups. Hip Hop utilizes R&B and Hip Hop music popular within the music scene today. Hip hop also is very regimented with many workout type exercises involved including crunches and push ups. Master choreographers are brought in to keep us abreast of the latest trends in the ever changing Hip Hop dance world.


Pointe is a continuation of classical ballet study on pointe, which is the standard performance shoe for the female. Work on pointe after the student has completed a satisfactory amount of demi- pointe work (performed in soft ballet shoes) but never before the foot is strong enough (teachers discretion). Required for any pointe class is a minimum of two ballets classes a week.

Production Tech

Production Tech class covers aggressive teaching suited for the intense dancer with the intention to establish a grand production routine incorporating many different styles of dance. Miss Angela will be running the Production Tech class and she is very excited about it. Production Tech will start as a hour and a half long class but may split into two 45 minute classes as the production gets cast. Tap and jazz technique will be emphasized until choreography is underway.

Production Tech requirements: dancer must currently be enrolled in ballet, tap and jazz and is by teacher recommendation only.


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dancemovements.


Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques. Lyrical dancechallenges choreographers and dancers to use motion to interpret music and express emotion. A lyrical dancer's movements attempt to show the meaning of the music. Lyrical is a very passionate and emotional dance style.